Trevor Dunn is an american bassist who plays both Bass Guitar and Double Bass. he is known for his bass mastery aand diversity. dunn has a digree in music after learning double bass in college.

Biography Edit

Dunn began playing bass in his teens, then forming Mr. Bungle while in highschool with freinds Mike Patton and Trey Spuace, Mixing Metal with jazz and various other genres with humorous and vulgour lyrics. With a background in metal, Dunn branched out his musical abilities playing jazz around San Francisco while immersing himself in different music. His playing on Mr. Bungle's Disco Volante displayed Dunn's maturity as a player as the compositions shift from different musical stylings several times in every song.

Later Career Edit

Like the other members of Mr. Bungle, Trevor Dunn is reluctant to talk about what exactly caused their break-up in 2000 (Dunn is especially hesitant about the subject). For that matter, Dunn is reluctant to talk about Mr. Bungle in general, though he claims to have enough material for a book about the band (and enough unreleased songs for a companion album). He initially stated that he was going to release a book, but it has since fallen into obscurity ("That book concept is FAR from being a reality. It's just a hazy thought in my mind at this point. Part of that haze includes demos, rehearsals, prank phone calls, unused photos, etc. The amount of unseen/unheard material I have collected over the years is somewhat baffling. Believe me, it's not going to happen anytime soon"). He is now involved with Fantômas and his own band Trevor Dunn's Trio-convulsant, both bands signed to Mike Patton's record label Ipecac Recordings

Basses Edit

Peavey Fretless
Alembic Europa 5-String
Fender P-Bass
Double Bass